We believe that all resources should be used sparingly and responsibly – every member of our medium-sized family business is committed to this goal. We are also committed to upholding our social responsibilities and conserving natural resources for current and future generations. Our goal is to achieve commercial success in harmony with sustainable practices.

Conserving resources includes all processes that are used in our daily work. 
These are summarized as follows:

Environmental protection
A central component of all our supplier audits in Europe and Asia is compliance with environmental regulations and local workplace conditions. Via ongoing suggestions for improvement, we play a direct role in continuously optimizing working conditions.

Social commitment
As a successful company, for us sustainability also means getting involved with institutions that need our support.

We also take an ecological approach to the selection of packaging and the use of reusable transport containers – this includes separating waste and ensuring sparing use of drinking and industrial water. A further aspect of this approach is our gradual introduction of the paperless office.

We actively promote the health of our staff through a variety of measures, such as our company gym and standing workstations for all employees.

Renewable energy
By generating power via a photovoltaic system installed on the roof of our company building, we are playing our part in the transition to renewable energy sources.

Thanks to this and other measures, we are making our own valuable contribution to achieving sustainability in the context of our industrial process as a whole.