All products sold under the MSBPrime and MSBFair brands comply with the current 
DIN standards. They are used as the “base product” which we can individually modify to meet your specific requirements. Ultimately, we want you to be completely satisfied and benefit from a long-term partnership with our company.

Premium quality, DIN-compliant and custom roller bearings.

We deliver quality – to German standards!

All MSBPrime products are manufactured to meticulous, fully documented quality guidelines at our internally qualified manufacturing plants in Europe and Asia.

Our quality management system even covers the originating steelworks! We use particularly high-quality roller bearing steels with a purity that enables a high degree of utilization and 
a long service life. Fully automated production lines ensure that MSBPrime products are 
of consistently high quality.

All MSBPrime products are produced in accordance with DIN or your custom specifications. All our manufacturing plants are equipped with modern testing and measuring equipment – our universal quality policy guarantees that every MSBPrime bearing we deliver meets the highest quality standards. In addition, we also commission independent external testing laboratories to conduct specific quality investigations.

DIN-compliant roller bearings for applications without extreme requirements.

Dependable quality at fair prices.

Roller bearings from the MSBFair line up are the ideal choice for applications under manageable, non-extreme conditions. They combine strong performance with convincing designs at attractive price points

All MSBFair products are manufactured at suitable manufacturing plants in Asia in accordance with defined quality guidelines. We work with manufacturers who are certified to DIN ISO 9001:2008 and can therefore guarantee consistent quality at attractive price points.

We monitor each manufacturer’s quality management system via regular audits and additional on-site spot checks. All MSBFair products are produced in accordance with DIN or your custom specifications.



All MSB products are characterized by clearly defined parameters, state-of-the-art production processes and reproducible quality. MSB stands for a huge variety of designs and cross-sections: with balls, rollers, needles (or these combined), open or sealed and in all desired materials.

And for special requirements outside our standard range, we provide custom solutions that give our customers a decisive edge in the market. We go the extra mile to meet your exact needs – for example, via heat treatment, special lubricants or custom seals.

MSB roller bearings.
Giving you an edge in your market.


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